*When is camp?
The dates for youth music week is always the first Sunday after July 4th. Please visit this year's tab at the top of the page for a list of this year's dates.

*How do I register for camp?
Click on the "Forms" tab at the top of the screen. Print, fill out and mail that form (along with your payment) to the address listed on that page. You can also print a medical form from that page to bring with you to camp.

*I'm going into the 6th grade. Can I come anyway?
Because Youth Music Week is for students entering 7th grade-20 years old, it's a little complicated to have students younger than 7th grade with 20 year old campers. Please consider Girls or Boys week until you are old enough to attend Music Week.

*What do I need to know about registration?
Registration will take place from 2-3pm on the Sunday that camp starts and will be held in the Education Building. (For camp dates, click on this year's tab at the top of the page.) You will need to have a completed Medical Form (see the "Forms" tab) and payment. During registration, we will confirm your payment and you will be assigned to a cabin with those close to your age and the same gender.  We will begin promptly at 2pm and try our best to make things go as quickly and smoothly as possible!

*I heard something about a concert. Can you tell me more?
During music week, we prepare to give a concert of the things we've learned (choral music and things learned in classes). Campers and staff will perform that concert on the last day at the conclusion of camp. We will also perform a concert at a local church on Wednesday night. For more details and locations of these concerts, visit this year's tab at the top of the page.

*What should I wear while I'm at camp?
Campers should plan to dress for summer weather and lots of walking. We will not allow campers to wear clothing with inappropriate wording or pictures. Because this is a co-ed camp, please bring clothing with appropriate coverage that is modest and respectful and would not cause members of the opposite sex to be tempted. Campers wearing clothing that is inappropriate in any way will be asked to change immediately. Campers should bring a nicer outfit (church attire) to wear for our Wednesday night concert.  

*I want to work at camp. What should I do?
Our staff members must be friendly, possess good leadership qualities and be in love with Jesus. Being on staff at Truett Camp is fun, but it's also exhausting and a LOT of hard work, so you must be willing to put forth a great amount of effort, both before and during camp. Those interested in joining our staff should contact us at truettcampmusicweeks@gmail.com for more information.

*What if I don't like music?
Well, then Truett Camp Music Weeks probably wouldn't be a good fit for you. Truett Camp offers a Boys' Camp and a Girls' Camp. Call the camp directly for information about these weeks or visit the Truett Baptist Camp website at https://truettcamp.org.

*What if I love music, but don't know much about it?
Excellent musicianship or great musical knowledge is not a requirement for camp. We welcome students with all calibers of musicianship and we will help you learn more!

*I'm in band. Can I bring my instrument?
YES!! We offer instrumental ensembles and opportunities for performance.

*How do I get to camp?
Truett Baptist Camp is located just off of Hwy. 64 at
346 Truett Camp Road
Hayesville, NC 28904
Click here for directions.

*How much does it cost to come to camp?
The prices for camp vary from year to year. Please click the tab for this year at the top of the page for this year's rates. The cost covers lodging and meals. Campers who wish to purchase snacks, drinks from the Snack Shack should bring extra money. (The Snack Shack is open 3 times a day. Drinks and Candy are approx. $0.75 each and t-shirts are $15. 

*Can I bring my cell phone to camp?
Youth Music Week students are allowed to keep cell phones in their possession. Please understand that we are trusting campers to keep them put away. If we see them, we will take them until the end of the week. If you need to make a phone call, simply ask your counselor and they will help you do what you need to do appropriately.

*What if there's an emergency?
All staff members will have a cell phone with them at all times. Should an emergency arise, a staff member will contact your parents/guardians ASAP.  Parents and guardians, if there's an emergency at home, you can call the camp office at 828.389.8828.

*I have a car. Can I bring it to camp?
Sure! Campers will have a designated parking lot for their cars. Cars are not to be moved during the week unless you need to report to work, school, appointments or sports obligations.

*Can I bring a friend with me to camp?
Absolutely! The more the merrier! Just have your friend submit a registration form and fill out a medical form to bring with you.

*I've never been to camp before. What can I expect?
You can expect to have a great time! You'll be meeting new friends, learning some great music and digging deeper in a relationship with Christ! Prepare to have fun!

*What should I bring to camp?
Here's a list of things you SHOULD bring to camp:
Bible, journal and pen
Linens (Sheets and blanket or sleeping bag)
Towels for showers and pool
Snack Money
Appropriate clothing
Toiletries (soap, shampoo, etc.)
Swimsuit (Girls' swimsuits need to be 1-piece. 2-piece suits will require a shirt cover up in the pool.)
Instrument (Whether it's a guitar or a tuba or anything in between, bring it!)
Prescription medication
Special dietary needs

Here's a list of things you SHOULD NOT bring:
Alarm Clock
Other distractions